May 29, 2023

Youtube app disappears from iphone software

youtube app disappears from iphone software

But the users could access the video platform via the internet browser. In addition, google is working on a new app that can be downloaded and installed individually, an apple spokeswoman told the financial news agency bloomberg.

The app for direct access to google’s video platform had been permanently installed on every device since the iphone’s launch in 2007. Their disappearance is the latest sign of how deep the rift between the former partners apple and google has now become. It was announced a few weeks ago that apple will bring its own map service instead of google maps to iphones and ipads with ios 6 in the fall.

The draw for the rivalry was the google operating system android. The internet company developed it as a driving force together with partners and makes it available free of charge to cell phone manufacturers. Android now holds a good half of the smartphone market.

Apple founder steve jobs, however, found that elements of android were copied from ios. Apple sued several android smartphone makers, including its major supplier samsung. In the USA, a major patent case is currently underway between the two companies. Apple, on the other hand, did not file a lawsuit against google – after the internet company bought the cell phone manufacturer motorola, the two companies are nevertheless facing each other in court.

How exactly it came about that the youtube app with the old-fashioned television in the logo had to go, initially remained in the dark. "Our license to include the youtube app in ios has expired," the apple spokeswoman explained without giving further details. According to information from the blog "all things D", the initiative for the separation should rather have come from the google side. It is also about advertising dollars. Youtube now refuses to develop third-party apps for its service, according to a wall street journal blogger who works with both companies. "Your strategy has changed. They want to take their fate more strongly into their own hands."

The absence of the youtube app was first noticed on monday by software developers who received a new pre-release version of ios 6. In the three previous variants, it was still in there. According to american blogs, other new features of the fourth test version of ios 6 include an improved apple map service and hints of new functions for the talking personal assistant siri.


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