May 29, 2023

Women firefighters had a training session in bad rodach

Women firefighters had a training session in bad rodach

They have not been a nice and charming accessory for a long time now. They have become supporting pillars: women in the fire departments. In october 1966, the state of bavaria officially sealed the deal to allow women to join the fire departments. In the coburg district, the proportion of women in service has risen to ten percent. "That’s not enough", said district fire chief manfred lorenz on saturday afternoon in bad rodach. "We must succeed in not only inspiring more women to join the fire department, but also in taking away their fear of it.", lorenz added.

One way to achieve this is through joint training sessions between different fire brigades, in which, with a few exceptions, only women take part. Such a drill took place on saturday in bad rodach. At 16.At 8 p.M., the sirens sounded in the elementary and high school in the spa town and the loudspeakers called for people to leave the building. A fire was assumed in a classroom on the second floor. Only a few minutes later, the 20 or so female rescue workers from the spa town as well as from rossach, niederfullbach and gestungshausen were on the scene, rescuing trapped people and extinguishing the fire. The operation was led by diana schulheib, who dealt with the situation calmly and objectively, gave her instructions and always kept an overview, even though she didn’t know the location or her comrades.

No high anxiety

The fact that different fire brigades had to work together was no obstacle for the observer. On the contrary. The ladies not only showed that they have mastered the craft, but also proved that they are anything but strangers to working together. So it was no wonder that the people to be rescued were quickly found and brought to safety. The firefighters also showed that they were not afraid of rough heights when it came to fighting the imaginary fire even via the extended turntable ladder.

The successful exercise was not only watched by the fire department district leadership, also district administrator sebastian straubel as well as mayor tobias ehrlicher and his deputy ernst-wilhelm geiling did not miss the opportunity to convince themselves of the efficiency of the fire fighters. All of them paid their highest respect to the participants of the training.


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