May 29, 2023

Wilfried donner new honorary chairman of the wildflecken branch association

Wilfried donner new honorary chairman of the wildflecken branch association

Almost exactly one year ago steffi eiter had taken over her office as 1. Chairman of the rhonklub branch club wildflecken taken over. At her first rough public appearance on the occasion of this year’s annual general meeting she could bury 36 rhonklubler. Among them was also the mayor of the market town gerd kleinhenz, who spoke a greeting. Regional chairman konrad tripp was excused from the meeting.

Hiking accident ends smoothly

The chairwoman reported on the activities in 2019: the board met for seven meetings. The easter fountain had been decorated by the old team, as it had been for years, an excursion had led to vacha in thuringia, the summer festival at the rhonklub-hutte had been very well attended, however, there had been an accident due to a fallen tree during the hike, which, however, had turned out harmless for all three injured persons. In the fall, many hikers had gathered for the oktoberfest in the cozy hut, and the traditional advent celebration was also very well attended. Steffi eiter praised and thanked all those who participated in the festive evening. The arboretum around the hut has been kept in good condition by some tireless people all year round. Also for it there were appreciative words of the chairmen.

The cultural director, who was elected a year ago, had unfortunately resigned from her office. The post must therefore be filled in the assembly new. The association currently has 203 members. Five hikers left in 2019, but six new ones found their way into the rhonklub.

Fallen trees and old signs

The person in charge of the hiking trails, thorsten reidelbach, was able to report on a number of operations on the trails to kreuzberg, oberbach and to the club’s own hut. Some fallen trees had to be cleared away. Many signs needed to be renewed. Madeleine eiter supported him in all his work, and otto kirchner, as a former road maintenance worker, helped him and contributed his experience.

The incumbent treasurer was unable to attend, so cash auditor achim mathes had to provide information about the association’s financial situation.

Wolfgang schmid gave his report as provisional guardian of the club. Repairs had become necessary on the roof of the hut, which he was able to carry out together with walter erb and two friends. A total of 60 hours of volunteer work on the roof and waived the reimbursement of materials (60 euros for boards, beams and steel angles).

46. Hiking pin

Quite respectable numbers could read out hikers’ warden ottmar bohn. 50 hikes were offered in 2019. 552 hikers took advantage of this offer, with women in the majority. After his report, the leader of the hikes handed out 27 hiking pins to the eager hikers in a well-known manner, namely in rhymed words. The number 46 was given to gerda manger – this means that she has been hiking for 46 years almost all the time. Two wandering friends got the number one – that’s how everyone in the rhon club started once.

Chairman from 1992 to 2019

After the reports of the technical officers, the 2. Chairman wolfgang illek the word. It was a great pleasure for him to appoint the long-standing chairman of the rhonklub branch, wilfried donner, as honorary chairman for his services to the rhonklub branch by a unanimous decision of the executive committee. Wilfried donner had led the club in an exemplary manner from 1992 to 2019 without interruption. With great commitment he organized and carried out numerous events such as home evenings, ecumenical services, festivals and celebrations in the hut, the fountain festivals in the village, multi-day trips and various hikes. Social interaction in the village community has always been a concern for him. Wilfried donner thanked for the honorable award and accepted the certificate beaming with joy. That in all his activities his wife anja has always supported him excellently, also knew the 2. Mayor and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Quick by-elections

The necessary by-elections were held quickly: monika kleinhenz-beke was elected culture warden, madeleine eiter and thorsten reidelbach jointly took over the offices of nature and trail warden, wolfgang schmid was now officially elected hat warden, and heidi beck was elected 2. Cashier .

Contribution increase

At the end, under the agenda item "miscellaneous", there was a presentation by the another bitter pill to swallow: the association cannot avoid an increase in membership dues, according to the chairwoman. But the members present raised no objection, they agreed to an increase from 16 to 20 euros in annual dues.


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