May 29, 2023

Who has the choice…

Who has the choice...

On sunday i reported on the election. And if you look at the election reporter picture, then you know: i was already finished before the reporting started. That’s because i had the same dream all night long: i was supposed to ask people about the election, while a neo-nazi tried to push me away. He only stopped when a colleague asked him for an interview with hitlergrub. Yes, I also find that strange!

Back to the topic: after this horrible photo was taken, christine and i spent the whole afternoon interviewing wahler. In the freezing cold bamberg. Without coffee. Because the data retrieval took so long that the cafe stay was cancelled. And that on sunday! At least i can praise the voters in bamberger city center: i have never interviewed such nice people before. Which didn’t change the fact that i was not only exhausted afterwards – but also terribly annoyed.

Then came the projection in the rough meeting room of the venerable city hall. At least it has been honorable for me so far. But not for the strong supporters, who suddenly started to celebrate a party. With clapping and singing and drinking and smoking cigars. In the aisle – bah. And most fascinating, because smoking is actually forbidden in the town hall. So i took the precaution of preparing for the sprinkler rain, but it didn’t come, which would have been different if the smoker had been a fan of brigitte merk-erbe. In contrast to the city of bavaria, bamberger rathaus only has smoke detectors in the boiler room and the telephone exchange.

Which is fine, because only one person died in germany in 2010 as a result of a fire in a public building, and that was in berlin. But did you know that, according to the federal statistical office, three people died in the same year because their night ashes melted??! Shocking!

In the town hall, however, there was neither melted wash, nor fire, nor rain – but a flurry of flashbulbs when andreas stark came down the aisle. Panic-stricken, i squeezed myself against a wall (i didn’t want to appear in any more pictures), and in fact – typically me – exactly against the wall, in front of which a strong one finally stopped.

So a ring of photographers closed around us and i realized what magdalena neuner already knew: it’s a horror! You stand there and it flashes and you just can’t get away, because everyone is pushing in. Because i can’t just step back, i first crouched down – and then took up the fight. But believe me: you can’t imagine how damned you feel when you have to snake your way, head first, through a bunch of photographers’ underbodies!

Since then I have a new dream every night: a horde of neo-nazi paparazzi surrounds me and wants to take pictures of me. It only stops when I snake my way through the pile of neo-nazi underbodies. At least this time, however, not head first – very, very rarely, an arm stretched out in front can also have advantages.


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