May 29, 2023

Where young people know better

Where young people know better

What’s going on on snapchat, instagram or tiktok is a riddle for many parents or grandparents. To remedy this situation, young people at the habfurt school center recently provided insights and first-hand information on the hottest social platforms of the moment. To the "social media" crash course by and about "digital natives (people who grew up in the digital world; anm. The red.) had invited the educational region county habberge.

There was a lot of praise for the five girls who provided information about the various social media channels and showed in an uncomplicated and open way how they move through them. To kick off the evening, laetitia colacicco, jessica leisentritt, steffi hely pelami, simone submann and jule scheuring presented a short theater piece that they had developed and written themselves. Under the motto "battle of the networks they playfully introduced social media platforms such as tiktok, instagram or snapchat and addressed their advantages as well as problems and dangers.

Dangers and difficulties

Funny photos from the net in the background, for example, which showed that there is often photoshop and various instagram filters between reality and a social media post, caused a lot of laughter.

The fact that social media also bring with them potential dangers and difficulties was then addressed by district youth welfare officer theresa fleischmann in a technical input. Among other things, she presented indicators of possible smartphone or online addiction and gave tips on protecting privacy in social media.

Many visitors were enthusiastic about the expert islands at the end of the event. The young people presented one of the social media, showed on their cell phones what was going on on the channels and how to use them. This was a good opportunity to ask questions to narrow the knowledge gap of children or grandchildren on the digital world a bit.

One visitor’s verdict on this first-hand information from the "digital natives": "the expert islands were worth their weight in gold and very informative!" As a little reminder and perhaps also as a guide for some in dealing with "digital [email protected] the young people had created a handout for each platform that clearly summarized all the important information, descriptions, advantages and dangers of the respective app. Many parents and grandparents were happy to take this compact information home with them and can now share their new "expert knowledge" with their children or grandchildren at home shine.


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