May 29, 2023

Wachenrother brass band inspire in st. Gertrud

Wachenrother brass band inspire in st. Gertrud

The three sounding bodies of the concert on the fourth advent in wachenrother st.-gertrude church, the brass band, the youth brass band and the singing community, all from wachenroth, earned stormy applause. The church was so well attended that many people had to make do with standing room.

The host of the st.-gertrud church, father stephan, took the opportunity to address a few words to the concertgoers. Referring to the youth orchestra, in which altar boys also participate, father stephan said: "it is nice that young people do something good for the parish and the church". I praise the young generation."

The concert started with "concerto d' amore by jacob de haan, a dutch wind music composer who began composing at the age of 14. The conductor of the orchestra, florian zeh, led his musicians to passionate and clean playing. The audience thanked with hearty applause. "Magnolia and "the call of christmas were the next compositions played by the wachenrother brass band.

After the common singing of "come, o ye faithful" the singgemeinschaft wachenroth under the direction of dominik ignatzek took over the musical baton. On "come, shepherds" in a movement by dietrich schuberth the demanding "petersburger schlittenfahrt" followed, sung with piano accompaniment, which demanded a lot from the choir, but was mastered well.

Ignatzek had already led the singing group in his younger years, said the moderator, wachenroth's mayor friedrich gleitsmann (CSU), and the choir's work was done with heart and soul. The choir community is heard again and again with pleasure and it brings a lot of joy with its songs. With "funny christmas the choir finished its concert block.

In the second part of the concert the youth brass band of wachenroth introduced itself. The young musicians were excellently prepared and conducted by joachim leyh and performed in a wonderful and passionate manner. The instruments are often coarser than the children who play them.

Gleitsmann emphasized that joachim leyh and his wife ruth have become an integral part of the musical life of the community. Whoever does such excellent work with young musicians need not worry about the brass band in wachenroth. Gleitsmann continued. "Our youth gets here incentive and motivation to do what gives them real pleasure. The leyh family manages to inspire the girls and boys so that they learn to love brass music and play with passion."

A medley of christmas songs
The youth brass band performed an extensive block, which ended with the "mount vernon march" began. Among other titles the young people played a medley of well-known christmas carols. The girls and boys ended their performance with "frosty, the snowman".

The last part of the concert was once again performed by the brass band wachenroth. The first title "band jubilee" by the english composer darrol barry is actually composed only for brass instruments, for the so-called brass band. The brass band has developed in great britain from about 1830 and in the past decades it has spread to continental europe, especially to switzerland and the benelux countries. In the south german area is also worked with this instrumentation.

This was followed by a medley with the title "christmas fantasy" by jan de haan. This medley underlined again the advent character of the concert. "The essence of music the next composition was by sven von calster, a work created on the occasion of the foundation of a wind orchestra. This work is suitable for all solemn occasions. The concert ended with another musical highlight, a composition by andy schreck, a composer and student of music teaching from the spessart region of germany. The slowrock "flaming hearts is distinguished by a trumpet or brass band. Flugelhorn solo from. The moderator said: "andy schreck has written the sting on his body, but our conductor florian can do it at least as well." Florian zeh played the solo trumpet in virtuoso interpretation. The audience thanked him with much applause and repeated shouts of "encore". This wish was fulfilled by the brass band with the title "hallelujah" and left the audience in a christmas mood.


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