May 29, 2023

Video shoot in coburg: it’s all about love!

Video shoot in coburg: it's all about love!

What was going on at the coburg castle square?? Many passers-by stopped in amazement, wondering whether they knew the woman dressed in black and red from somewhere, and above all listened to the song that sounded loudly over and over again from a bluetooth box "isn’t that that well-known hit song?…?!" No. For as catchy as the song "love" is even if it is, this duet can’t be known yet, because it won’t be published for another two weeks. But in order to make it known as quickly as possible and to present it on various music platforms, the singer angela henn (formerly also known as "angie katze"), who comes from the coburg district, has now made a video to go with it.

The scenes with her singing partner dennis klak, who also stands by her side in real life, were filmed on the veste coburg, on the castle square and in the rosengarten. For comparison: angela henn had shot her last videos in venice and rome.

In the text of "love it is about the fact that the man would like to go out in the evening and can’t understand that the woman doesn’t feel like it. It comes to the quarrel – a little later, however, naturally also to the reward. "No matter, i love you – even if we sometimes argue; no matter, i love you, for better or for worse", heibt es dann. "I like the song because it’s about an everyday subject", says angela henn and betrayal: "the text is taken from our lives – these are 1000 percent us!"

So that the song can be played in discos, there will still be a dance version.


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