May 29, 2023

Vestenbergsgreuth’s fight against population decline

Vestenbergsgreuth's fight against population decline

Helmut lottes (CSU/UB) wants to prove it to the statisticians: vestenbergsgreuth’s mayor wants to use all his strength against their forecast that the population of the market town will shrink considerably in the future. In fact, the head of the westernmost municipality in the county seems to be right. "The upward trend continues, announced lottes in the castle meeting.

Already during the opening credits of his presentation the many bridal couples were noticeable. 13 weddings in the past months and just as many births were an impressive number for the community of only 1581 inhabitants. "Make an effort", lottes appealed to the young people among the 25 or so burgers at the "zum schwalbenberg" inn.

In any case, the community is doing everything it can to counteract a decline in population. New building areas and the construction of a new event hall are also contributing factors. In 2019, the conversion of the school into a multigenerational house is also scheduled to begin. 1.5 million euros have been earmarked by the municipality for the next two years. "In spite of our good financial strength, we could not have done it without the funds from the city’s construction budget", according to lottes.

For the "marketplace of generations, which is adjacent to the "house of encounter" on the eaves the planning is already in place. In this multigenerational project, old and young are to come together. That’s why, in lottes’ words, schools "must be preserved as long as possible.

Lottes sees the attractions as an offer for the entire region. In line with the objectives of the isek (integrated urban development concept) program, for which vestenbergsgreuth has joined forces with its neighboring communities. "You have to think outside the box and keep winning over new visitors, otherwise it’s dead", stressed lottes with regard to the recreational facility. From this perspective, the "swing path" should also be mentioned to see. "We are simply no longer the farmers of the past." With change, demands and lifestyles were changing.

The community fathers must also "come up with something" for the daycare center, because it will be pretty tight in the facility from the new kindergarten year onwards. Well, the community does not seem to have financial problems. 3.5 million euros in jerks on the high side, as VG chamberman tobias weib reported. The annual trade tax of two million euros could also be a guarantee for solid finances. With a debt of 370 euros per capita of the population, vestenbergsgreuth is far below the state average.

Coveted building sites

The "kuhnplatte" building area be "sold out and the still unfinished "weiherleite" in unterwinterbach is already oversubscribed by builders. In frimmersdorf and kleinweisach, they have already "put out their feelers" for building land. However, it is not easy to realize. The broadband network had been expanded in the first phase, and now the next step was being taken: in some areas, data speeds of up to 100 MB could then be achieved.

Despite all the good news, there is also a "never-ending story," according to lottes. The rehabilitation of the clearing plant, which the municipality has been working on for years. Now a technical system has been agreed upon. "We wanted 3500 residents", according to lottes. But even that does not seem to have been worked out with the water authority yet. At least he now has hope that the plant can be built next year. If everything goes well, it could start operations in may 2020.

The discussion that followed made it clear that the citizens do not have any major problems. A bench in dietersdorf "no acquisition problem, as long as someone in the village takes care of it" – demanded a burger. Further discussion revolved around the new "schmidsleiten II" development area, especially for the development of the traffic and the drainage of the building area. Speakers were concerned that the lower-lying settlements would not "drown" in extreme weather conditions. Lottes explained the development plans, which also include rainwater pressure retention devices.


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