May 29, 2023

Un-mission: libya arms embargo broken

Un-mission: libya arms embargo broken

The arms embargo for the north african crisis country, which was confirmed at the berlin conference on libya, was broken by several summit participants, according to the UN.

In the past ten days, several planes have landed at airports in western and eastern libya, bringing weapons, armored vehicles, fighters and advisors into the country.

Although the united nations support mission for libya (UNSMIL) did not name any responsible parties in its statement on saturday, it left open the question of who had broken the embargo. However, the statement said that "several participants in the berlin conference" had been involved in the "ongoing transport of foreign fighters, weapons, ammunition" and other military equipment.

In berlin a week ago, 16 countries and international organizations agreed on a deal to end pubic interference in the libyan war – for example, by supplying weapons – and to allow a peace process to take place. In brief, the united nations plans to convene a meeting of the parties to the conflict to implement a ceasefire. EU discusses how to monitor arms embargo in place since 2011. And a resolution in support of the berlin decisions is being worked on in the UN security council.

Since long-time ruler muammar al-gaddafi was overthrown and killed in 2011, libya has been in the grip of a civil war with unclear power relations, in which third countries with rival interests are getting involved. For germany, the stabilization of the country is also important, because many refugees from there are looking for the way across the mediterranean to europe. Libya is also threatening to become a safe haven for islamist terrorists and a hub for arms flows to the sahel, where german soldiers are also stationed.

In the tripoli area on 12. A ceasefire came into effect on january. General chalifa haftar had ordered an offensive on the capital, where the government of prime minister fajis al-saraj is based. Both sides, however, have repeatedly accused each other of ceasefire violations.

On sunday, the saraj government spoke of "repeated violations" by haftar’s forces that made the agreement "meaningless". She did not name possible victims. Sources in haftar’s libyan national army (LNA) said that six LNA soldiers had been killed in battles with forces of the saraj government.

Once again dozens of refugees made their way across the mediterranean from libya. The german rescue ship "alan kurdi" took in 78 migrants there. The people were rescued in two separate operations, a spokesman for the aid organization sea-eye said. There were several children on board, the youngest six months old. Three people were severely dehydrated. The rescue ship "ocean viking" also took on more people off libya. 151 migrants are now on board, announced doctors without borders.

Recently, rescue ships did not have to wait too long on the mediterranean before they were allowed to dock in italy. Germany and other countries had agreed in advance to take cursed from the ships.


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