May 29, 2023

Tuesday-dischli: the marz and the hermann

tuesday-dischli: the marz and the hermann

Even if the weather is currently trying hard to prove the opposite with fog, wet and cold and the calendar doesn’t want to know about it at all: winter is being ticked off. It is spring and exactly from today.

The 1. March is the meteorological beginning of spring. It will take until the 20th until the astronomical date is on the calendar. March. The fact that meteorologists divide their seasons into whole months is very clear and has statistical reasons. Data can be compared better if the start of each season falls on the first of the month, according to the smart internet encyclopedia.

So we have three months of spring ahead of us, until 1 january. June the summer begins. So it’s clear: the farmers have something to do again, even if they rarely harness steeds in march and have long since switched to high-horsepower bulldogs.

The weather has to be right for them to be able to go out into the fields. For that there are scientific weather forecasts or the hundred year calendar. However, it is better not to consult it this year. If he is right, "this spring will bring much ripe and until 8. June rough, wild air, which is harmful to the vine growth and all fruits."At the same time the same work promises for march: "the days are mostly already and funny." Whatever that may be. It is like always with predictions. Can be, can also not be.

One thing remains certain: spring is here. The proof is in hermann. The in-house weather station is a 15 year old greek land tortoise, has left the stage of winter rigidity and is on the rampage – currently still indoors in the terrarium. But even so it is clear, when rambo is on the road, it’s spring.

Tuesdays-dischli, those are more or less deep shuffling thoughts of the expert round at the standing tables (french: dischli) in the kitzinger fubgangerzone. To read – of course – always on tuesdays in this newspaper.


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