May 29, 2023

Tips: this is how versatile herbs and seeds can be used in the kitchen

Tips: this is how versatile herbs and seeds can be used in the kitchen

The garden allows us to try out new things in the kitchen. Various herbs and seeds contribute to a coarser variety in the kuche.

Herbs make vinegar and oil special

Vinegar and oil can be improved in taste for example by pickling herbs. To half a liter of wine vinegar, add about 50 grams of herbs, individually or mixed, and place in a sunny place for 14 days. Herbs such as tarragon, basil, savory, dill, lemon balm, nasturtium, peppermint and thyme are suitable for this purpose.

The addition of a few boretsch bushes gives the herb vinegar a strong color. Herbols, on the other hand, are used only with olivenol and kept in a dark place. Beware of cheap edible oils: they quickly turn rancid and become unfit for consumption.

Seeds of nettles are rich in vitamins

It is hardly known that the seeds of nettles are very rich in fatless vitamins. These have a stimulating effect on the germ glands. But only the green fruit bodies should be taken, because the black bodies are already spoiled.

In veterinary medicine, the seeds have long been used as a doping agent. This is what the horse traders used to know as well. Even in the alpine region, many old people eat nettle seeds every day as a vitamin tonic. You can really take one or two spoonfuls of this a day, sprinkled on salad and bread.

From the seeds can be made herb salt

The greenish-yellow seed can be harvested with gloves on. Then it is dried and rubbed with the same amount of salt in a rubbing bowl for a few minutes. The herb salt produced in this way will keep for one to two years if stored in a dark and dry place. By the way: there was a time when the consumption of dried seeds was officially forbidden for monks and nuns because of their aphrodisiac effect.


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