May 29, 2023

Taking a run sheet through the training course

Taking a run sheet through the training course

The elementary school am monchsturm took part in the third bavaria-wide elementary school campaign day for handball. All students of the 2. Classes and their teachers went to the saaletalhalle together. Hard-working members of the handball department of the TV/DJK hammelburg club had come up with a great, varied program with playful forms of training.
At 8.30 o’clock started auarmubungen with music. Then the students were divided into eight groups. Colored ribbons ensured that no one was "lost" went. Every child participated with enthusiasm and perseverance in the various exercises and was happy when their own group successfully completed the tasks. After the break we continued at different stations. Everyone was very motivated and wanted to do the exercises on their "run sheet" go through fast and well and collect as many points as possible.
During the second break, the hall was divided into two areas and prepared for the final games, in which the children could put into practice what they had learned.

Eager to get down to business

In their group, everyone proved that they were still fit and eager even after so much sport. Many a talent in the use of handball could be observed in the process. As a reward, each child received a certificate at the end.
"It was a pleasant day! I liked everything very much": this was the opinion of both children and teachers on this day.


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