May 29, 2023

Stettfeld needs peace

The hall of the former stratz inn was filled to capacity when mayoral candidate melanie kaufhold and the SPD candidates for the stettfeld town council introduced themselves to the burghers. According to the SPD, the enormous turnout of a good 130 burgers shows "that the upcoming municipal elections in stettfeld are met with great interest".

Melanie kaufhold explained the reasons for her candidacy. She emphasized her professional knowledge as an administrative assistant in the administration community of ebelsbach. In her 20-year career in local government, she has taken a lot with her on the road, she said.

Also, the conflicts between the legal community and the community were specifically addressed. The election program of the stettfeld SPD was also an issue. But this, according to melanie kaufhold, is of secondary importance to her for the time being.

Calm must return to stettfeld – as quickly as possible. "Stettfeld became known far beyond the county with the legal battle. These negative headlines in the past should give us all food for thought. The goal of the 2020 municipal elections must be: to reach out to each other again, to reschedule discussions and to find mutually agreeable compromises for all parties involved. So that we can fully concentrate on other projects in the community", explained the SPD candidate for mayor. Kaufhold received applause for this