May 29, 2023

Solemnly received

Solemnly received

In a service organized by the altar boys themselves, three new altar boys were solemnly inducted into the herz jesu parish in bad kissingen: moses sklorz, alisa weidner, and anna-lena fischer. The theme of the service – in keeping with the harvest festival – was the sunflower.

As the senior altar boys julian meder, jens bohatsch and sarah neubert as well as the group leaders jasmin buttner, philipp bohatsch and chiara petrik explained in their burial, the sunflower is a multifaceted flower. It grows from a small nucleus and can actually grow up to five meters in size. They wished the new altar boys that their faith, like the sunflower, would continue to grow and become coarse.

Furthermore, the sunflower has the ability to always align itself with the light and to avoid the shadow, it said in the introductory service. In this sense, the senior altar boys and group leaders expressed the wish that the three may live many sunny moments.

The various talents of the sunflower, which delights people in the field or in a bunch, but whose seeds can also be eaten, were also addressed. In this regard, the senior altar servers wished that the new altar servers would bring their diverse talents to the community of now 25 altar servers and feel welcomed by them.

With a powerful applause, moses, alisa and anna-lena were now officially buried as altar boys by the congregation and youth pastor stephan schwab, who celebrated the service. As a welcome gift, they received a sunflower, some sunflower seeds, and a closing hanger, also in the shape of a sunflower.

At a time when it is becoming more and more difficult to inspire volunteers for church service, it is all the more wonderful that three young people have agreed to be altar servers in the parish of herz jesu bad kissingen from now on. Chiara petrik


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