May 29, 2023

Science of life

science of life

The ayurveda center has now been in existence for 1 year. May 2014. That almost to the day for the 5th time. The fact that the indian consul general sugandh rajaram (munich) made his appearance in bad bocklet on the occasion of his 50th birthday was due to a lucky coincidence. When the people of bad bockelt were represented at the yoga world health fair in munich in january, the indian civil servant also stopped at their stand during his tour, says project manager ebba-karina sander (hausen), who once brought the center in kunzmann's hotel to life with a great deal of commitment. "We talked, and the consul general obviously liked our therapeutic approach of authentic ayurveda with qualified indian doctors and employees."

The doctor jobin joy madukkakuzhy spontaneously gave him his bad bockleter business card and invited him to travel to france, says sander. Of course, no one had really dared to hope that the indian state representative would actually travel to the small french state spa. But several weeks ago, the phone rang and rajaram's secretary announced the consul's visit for the next few days.

First cancellation, then acceptance

He was visiting passau in the morning and wanted to stop by bad bocklet at noon, he said. "This is, of course, quite a distance. We had our doubts whether this could be done and emailed back and forth with the secretary several times.", sander describes the excitement surrounding the inquired visitor. Finally the secretary cancelled the operation because of the long distance. "We thought we'd never hear from them again", says the managing director.

However, the ambassador's secretariat then contacted the hospital again and announced the visit of the indian guest for the 10th day after the birth. May an, says sander. This time rajaram was in wurzburg and could then also visit bad bocklet, it was said. The head of the ayurveda center is pleased that the efforts of her qualified team have now also been noticed by an indian state representative.

"Ayurveda is the science of life", said the consul general at the celebration on the 10. May. Not only the soul, but also the body and mind are treated intensively, so that the person can ultimately live in complete harmony with himself, with people and with nature.

Heart and passion

He was not the only one to thank sander for her efforts on behalf of the ayurveda location in bad bocklet. Hotel manager gregor kunzmann attests to the project manager's "heart and soul and passion". Mayor andreas sandwall called her a "power woman, who have made the ayurveda center a flagship for the spa town.

In the past five years, the number of ayurvedic guests has risen sharply, according to sander. Already in the first year, 2000 overnight stays were recorded there by people who have dedicated themselves to ayurvedic therapy. In 2016, there were already around 700 more overnight stays. In 2018, this number had then skyrocketed to around 4,000 overnight stays.

"The center has generated a total of more than 15,000 overnight stays in the past five years up to and including april 2019", sander said in an interview with this editor. In addition, there are about 500 guests per year who use the ayurveda services on an outpatient basis and rent vacation apartments, for example.

In the beginning, sanders' team also got involved with caritas in bad bocklet. Since fall 2018, caritas has been offering its own ayurveda concept, says sander. The team was also active at the bad bockleter rehabilitation center for a year at the beginning of the project. In the meantime, however, the treatments there have been discontinued.

Connected via skype

The celebration on friday was also attended by dr. Jobin skype-connected from india. "We wanted to bring ayurveda to germany. A dream has finally come true", he said in his speech. He has no doubt, however, that the road to this success was very long and that there were many obstacles to overcome. Sander also used the visit of the indian consul general in bad bocklet to formulate two concerns at the same time. It is increasingly difficult to bring in qualified indian staff through the german foreign missions, she said in her speech. She asked the ambassador to contact his german colleagues in india to obtain appointments for visa applications for indian staff.

The second concern has also been on sander's mind for a long time. In her opinion, the specially qualified indian ayurvedic doctor should be recognized as a healing profession in germany. This meant that ayurveda was officially integrated into rehabilitation and the various prevention programs, sander continued. This requires the support of the statutory health insurance funds.

Acute medicine is excellently developed and organized in germany. "What we lack, however, are effective concepts for many chronic complaints, such as degenerative and neurological diseases or diabetes type 2."


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