May 29, 2023

Sander celebrated carnival exuberantly

One of the roughest carnival parties went over the stage in sand on sunday night. After the colorful gaudiwurm, the festival tent on the altmain was the scene of a powerful celebration.

Mostly young people met there to the music put on by a DJ. There was dancing, the conversation with like-minded people sought and the good mood in full trains enjoyed. There was a great atmosphere in the tent, which was well filled.


With all the joy of the carnival and the colorful hustle and bustle, safety was not to be neglected. Security personnel was on hand. The visitors were checked at the entrance, as party guests confirmed to our editorial team on request.

Already in the run-up the sander carnival committee had asked not to bring backpacks to the carnival procession as well as to the following celebration in the festival tent. And inappropriate masks were not allowed either.

Today is the final spurt

Today, tuesday, the carnival reaches its final point. Once again relocations take place. The coarse gaudiwurm moves from 14 o'clock by eltmann. Then it is over with the great days. On ash wednesday everything is over. 


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