May 29, 2023

Ruger: at least one is knocking on the world’s door

Ruger: at least one is knocking on the world's door

Wolfgang ruger (chairman of the handball district of lower franconia): i just watched another video of the 2007 world cup: the germans won the title with their team spirit back then. The halls were full everywhere – in colon, in berlin. I am confident that we will also present ourselves well at this home world championship.

With korea and brazil we have a good start into the tournament. If we make it through the preliminary round unscathed, tough opponents await us in the main round. I see germany well positioned in the attack. There could be problems in the left back, but we are incredibly strong at the circle. In uwe gensheimer, at least one of our players is knocking on the world’s top door. And as the reigning world champion, france doesn’t have that many world stars.

Coach prokop was already paid last year, but I think he will have learned from his mistakes. He has rethought and must now preserve himself anew. That’s what happened with joachim low last summer.

The semifinals are definitely possible for germany. The team has not yet reached the very high level in the preparation, but it has the home advantage. I’ll be in berlin next tuesday to watch three world cup games, including the german game against france. I don’t see the french as being that great anymore, more the danes. I also count croatia and spain among the favorites.


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