May 29, 2023

Rescue ship “ocean viking” reaches italian port

Rescue ship 'ocean viking' reaches italian port

The ship "ocean viking" has entered the port of the italian city of messina after its latest rescue mission in the mediterranean off the coast of libya. This had been assigned to her, as the aid organization SOS mediterranee and doctors without borders communicated.

The 213 rescued on board are to be distributed according to a new procedure. According to the italian ministry of the interior, italy, germany, france and malta for the first time jointly requested the eu commission to initiate the redistribution of the migrants. These four countries had agreed at a meeting in malta on 23. September agreed on a basic principle for sea rescue in the central mediterranean sea. "This is an important step in view of a solidarity-based management of the refugee flows affecting the mediterranean route," wrote the italian ministry.

The "ocean viking", operated by SOS mediterranee and doctors without borders, had taken a total of 215 people on board during three rescues between tuesday and thursday. A woman pregnant with twins and a man have already been taken off the ship by helicopter.

At present, the spanish rescue ship "open arms" is still underway in the mediterranean sea. It had taken 73 migrants on board on thursday. A total of eleven children, sick and injured were allowed to disembark on sunday. They were taken by boats to the sicilian coastal town of augusta, the aid organization "open arms" announced on twitter.

A ten-meter-long boat overloaded with more than 150 migrants capsized off the italian island of lampedusa on saturday evening. The italian coast guard was able to rescue 149 people, 133 men, 13 women and 3 children, according to its own figures. By afternoon, five women were found dead, three in the sea and two on land. In first reports there had been talk of seven deaths.

Survivors of the accident had given the number of missing on saturday evening at around 20. They are said to be algerian, tunisian and pakistani. The competent prosecutor’s office in the sicilian agrigent has opened investigations for facilitation of illegal immigration and multiple involuntary manslaughter, reported the news agency ansa.


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