May 29, 2023

Relationship crisis behind the counter

Relationship crisis behind the counter

The young woman with the funny bristle hairdo makes a sad face: quite obviously she has stress with her boyfriend. She reports this to her colleague in detail. The hoard with coarse participation to, has also the one or other good advice ready. Already the!

Less already is that the two drove their talk in the gas station. Behind the counter. I stand in front of the counter. A little nervous, because I am gehorig under time pressure. The fact that I put my key bundle more energetically than usual on the counter is not really received as a signal by the two of them. Even a violent stammering does not interrupt their conversation.

Only when I say, louder than necessary, "I was at the 3…" The bristle-haired woman turns to me. Silently she taps away on her cash register, silently she hands me the receipt. And i’m not quite out of the tur yet, she immediately informs her colleague of further shocking details of their apparently muddled relationship.

At a meat counter the other day, i got not only air-dried ham, but also extensive information about the planned home construction of the saleswoman, who managed the feat of talking to me and her colleague at the same time. Multitasking is what it’s called. In a magazine store, the clerk managed to talk on the phone and serve a customer at the same time. In a discount store, I saw cashiers who were not only cashing up, but also discussing the new duty roster with the colleague who was stocking the cleaning supplies shelf a few meters away.

Dear saleswomen! This is not possible. Please take us customers a little more seriously in the future and give us your undivided attention. I will be a better customer for it in the future too. And when I pay, I no longer have to discuss my vacation plans with a friend standing next to me at the checkout counter. Promised!


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