May 29, 2023

Reducing the risk of flooding in lautertal as well

– based on proposals from the EU, a new flood risk management system for bavaria is currently being drawn up by the water management office. Thereby is now also the area "louder to the itz" has been included. The municipal council agreed to this step, especially since it will not cost the municipality anything.
Municipal manager hans frieb explained the individual steps and goals of the development of such a management to the committee in depth. The aim is to better protect health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic values. The avoidance of new risks, the reduction of existing risks, the reduction of adverse consequences during and after a flood are the focus, says frieb. Result should be among other things the development of a uniform map material up to documents for use cases and decision-making aids for the installation of further protective structures. This material is also to be posted on the internet. The lauter is a second order water and there is therefore the possibility to be integrated into the project.
Mayor sebastian straubel explained that such a flood risk management is another decisive step to protect the citizens and the property and therefore not to be questioned, especially since the whole thing will be cost-neutral for the municipality. The administration was commissioned by the municipal council with further implementation.
At its meeting on 6. April, the municipal council had decided to introduce a "corporate design" for the company to be commissioned. This word-picture trademark is to be used for public identification on lautertal’s communication media. The development was outsourced to the company K& K-grafics from neukirchen was commissioned, which presented two variants.

The coat of arms was missing

This was preceded by surveys by the company, which determined what the citizens associate with lautertal. One with a stylized valley, lauterberg and long mountains received a lot of praise for its design and was favored. However, it only contained the figurative word mark, but not the coat of arms of the municipality. This led to an extensive discussion, because some fear that the coat of arms will gradually disappear from people’s minds as an identifying feature. Although the designers kerstin and klaus kummert justified their proposal, they were ultimately commissioned to draw up further designs with a coat of arms and present them to the committee before a decision was made.
A very clear "no with massive objections, the new opinion in the consultation procedure on the grid development plan for electricity 2030 includes the planned power lines "P44 and "p44mod". The reasons for this were discussed in detail – from impairments to nature conservation to living conditions to tourism. The opinion presented will be incorporated in its entirety in that of the district. Mayor sebastian straubel thanked for the engaged participation of lautertaler burghers in the rough demonstration of the "power line protesters", especially by local councillor and BBV-circle chairman, martin flohrschutz, for his speech.
Due to special regulations, there is an extension of the area for the planning of a photovoltaic plant next to the A 73 in the direction of rottenbach. Some communal areas are also involved. Following approval by the supervisory board, the administration has been commissioned to negotiate with the operator naturstrom AG.


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