May 29, 2023

Red and white dominated

Red and white dominated

The FC bayern fan club nepomuk also managed to master the first stage of its club life flawlessly and proved to be a worthy host for the 36th bavarian football championship. Upper franconia meeting of bavaria fans, who gathered in the triple gymnasium of altenkunstadt.

Although the sport, especially the popular sport, is in the center of attention in the kordigasthalle of the municipality of altenkunstadt, this time it was a very rough football club of germany, to which its supporters showed their reverence.

Red-disc decoration

Already when entering the rooms it became clear for whom the heart beats on this day, the record champion FC bayern munchen. Everywhere the colors red and female were prominent, the logos of FC bayern munchen and nepomuk were to be seen.

The bavarian fans from altenkunstadt were entrusted with the organization of the upper franconia meeting. The rough transparent from the frankenwald as well as many from the neighboring villages were to be seen. When the fans with the band "niniroxx" after the start of the evening, the chairman of the FC bayern fan club nepomuk, marco jakob, gave a short welcome speech. He proudly pointed out that the number of members had more than doubled in the past few years. The orientation of the 36. He thanked all the members for their commitment and their dedication.

The pit of all upper franconian fan clubs uberbrachte second chairman stefan lutz and spoke thereby of an association, which established itself firmly in the region. The annual oberfranken meeting is one of these outstanding events.

The fan club was founded by wolfgang bauernschmitt from lichtenfels and has since enjoyed universal popularity. He presented the FC bayern fan club nepomuk with a certificate and praised the lively club activity, the family atmosphere, which extends to attending bundesliga matches in the allianz arena.

Mayor robert hummer delivered a speech on behalf of the community and town council of altenkunstadt grube. He pointed out that camaraderie, cohesion and the fan club friendships also characterize life together.

Club is also involved in social activities

Mayor robert hummer was particularly pleased with the fact that the FC bayern fan club nepomuk always thinks of its fellow human beings in all its social activities.

Thus the kindertagesstatten of the municipality altenkunstadt with donations were already considered and the responsible persons with their chairman marco jakob already in the apron of the 36. At the 36th oberfrankentreffen, it was decided to donate part of the proceeds to the altenkunstadt burger foundation for distribution to needy families.

This is what mayor hummer called commendable. 


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