May 29, 2023

Producers had to take back doner spiebe with salmonella

producers had to take back doner spiebe with salmonella

The company from swabia wanted to ensure that it would not have to destroy or take back its frozen products if salmonella were found in them. The reason: the label contains the information that the doner meat must be fully cooked before consumption. Because the cooking killed the bacteria.

Moreover, the spiebe were not delivered to end consumers, but only to restaurants, which were familiar with the preparation, the manufacturer argued. According to the company, salmonella is found in one to three percent of the spiebe in its own random samples.

The food safety authorities, on the other hand, felt that the products should be withdrawn. The administrative court of augsburg ruled in favor of the company in the first instance last year.

The administrative court has now turned the tables: due to an EU regulation on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs, the company must remove batches contaminated with salmonella from the market, according to the ruling announced on friday. The company must also ensure this in its own hygiene concept. The ruling can still be appealed to the federal administrative court in leipzig.


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