May 29, 2023

Police training mastered

At the end of february, 176 police master craftsmen and women took their final examinations for the completion of career training for the intermediate police civil service in the federal police. A total of 157 graduates (47 of whom were women) have achieved their goal of "passing the career training for the intermediate police civil service" reaches.

The newly appointed police masters began their two-and-a-half-year training in september 2017. The training period in oerlenbach came to an end with the successful completion of the intermediate police training course. It paves the way for the new police officers’ future careers in the federal police.

For the police officers aged between 18 and 38 years, the ceremonial farewell with the handing out of the certificates and the appointment of candidates as police masters took place again on wednesday in the regentenbau. The ceremony was accompanied by music from the federal police orchestra in munich.

4500 hours of training

In his speech, the head of the federal police training center in oerlenbach, police director ralf wiegand, praised the good performance of the young police officers. "This is an extremely important milestone in her still young professional career within our agency." He congratulated all of them, also on behalf of the president of the federal police academy, alfons aigner, on passing their career examinations and congratulated them on the training qualification they had achieved. Wiegand also referred to the very demanding training program, which is unique in germany. "In about 4500 hours of training, the theoretical basics of police work in various subjects were learned from scratch. This basic knowledge

Were taught, among other things, in a wide variety of real-life and realistic situation trainings. "Today’s spectrum of federal police tasks is rough, national and international. In particular, foreign assignments and missions represent an increasingly large part of this range of tasks. Especially in times of radical, extremist and terrorist threats, networking within europe has become an essential contribution, also to the strengthening of our country", according to the head of the department.

Donation handed over

He thanked the spa director sylvie thormann as well as the mayor of the city of bad kissingen, kay blankenburg, who also addressed a greeting to the graduates, for the good cooperation during the organization of the farewell event.

Social competence and responsibility proved the graduates. In the context of a blood donation campaign, a so-called social project of the OEB 17 II, many donors gave blood for the community. The main initiators, the 1. Course speaker, polizeimeisteranwarter kevin clewing and the 2. Course spokeswoman, master police officer luca beyer, of this campaign pursued the idea of donating the total amount to the representative of the children’s hospice "sternenzelt mainfranken" e. V., stefan zoller, handing over a symbolic check.

A total of around 1,300 trainees complete their training with the federal police throughout germany. Another 1,000 trainees are expected to complete their training at the end of august. In 2020, the federal police academy will thus be able to release a total of more than 2,300 freshly trained colleagues into the field. This provides noticeable relief from the tense personnel situation. Application and hiring figures for 2020 also at record level. For the two hiring dates (1. March and 1. September) the federal police register just under 37,500 applicants. This compares with more than 4,000 planned hires. On 1. March 2020, the first 760 of them will begin their training in the training and further education centers.


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