May 29, 2023

Only for members it will be cheaper

only for members it will be cheaper

The incineration of household and bulky waste at the coburg-neuses waste-to-energy plant will become cheaper in 2019. This was decided on tuesday by the representatives of the counties coburg, kronach, lichtenfels as well as the city of coburg in the zweckverband fur abfallwirtschaft nordwest-oberfranken. Accordingly, the levies for the three counties and the city as members of the association will drop to 120 euros per ton of mull by weight – in the past four years, they had to pay 133 euros to have a ton of mull burned in neuses. The participating counties and the city of coburg will decide for themselves whether this reduction will also affect the burghers' tolls.

However, not everyone who brings their waste to neuses for disposal can be happy: at the commercial waste incinerator, the cost of incinerating a ton continues to be 133 euros. The reason for this was that commercial refuse burns very slowly and therefore cannot be burned in the same volume as domestic refuse.

The fees for incinerating clear sludge will increase (from 60 to 70 euros per ton), as will the fees for landfill material (from 77 to 87 euros per ton). But there has been no increase since 2000, said katrin troger, who is responsible for finances at the association.

The fee increase is necessary because more waste is delivered to the landfill in blumenrod, which increases costs, explained klaus bacher. It will also be more expensive for asbestos and dam materials: the disposal of a ton of material containing asbestos will cost 183 euros in the future, as will a ton of compacted dam material. Most of the dam materials, however, were delivered uncompacted, said bacher. Because the waste must then be re-compacted at the landfill site, disposal will cost more: 291 euros per ton, 30 euros more than before. ZAW also wants to plug a loophole: what weighs less than 200 kilograms may not be weighed at the landfill, and thus no price can be charged either. For such small quantities, a flat rate of 50 euros will apply in the future.


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