May 29, 2023

No poster battle

The independent electoral community-free voters of the municipality of wilhelmsthal has nominated its candidates for the municipal elections at the nomination meeting on sunday evening in the inn punzelt in effelter. The list includes twelve candidates aged between 28 and 61. Led by the chairman of the local association of wilhelmsthal, martin wachter. The 59-year-old police officer was pleased to see a good team with committed candidates from all parts of the city and from all age and professional groups.

Among the candidates are also interested "newcomers. The high quota of women is remarkable. The youngest candidate is controller linda kotschenreuther from wilhelmsthal, aged 28; the oldest is commercial employee vera ebert, also from wilhelmsthal, aged 61.

"The search was very difficult", the chairman of the group in the wilhelmsthal town council admitted that. He made an urgent appeal to the younger members of the community to become more involved in the future of the community. Wachter explained the focal points of the election program, such as improving the mobile communications network and digitization, which is not an easy task. Everyone wants to have reception. But if a mast were to be erected, the excitement would be rough. For the "weiber flecken" closure several invitations to tender have been issued for telekom’s high-speed internet service. But the implementation will probably not take place for another four years.

A rough goal is the establishment of a senior facility or day care in wilhelmsthal. "There has already been a preliminary discussion in the municipal council", he informed. Now one hopes for the fact that an operator "anbeibe".

Urgent improvements needed for the wilhelmsthal fire department. The problems regarding the fire department building, especially in connection with the parking situation in the old schulstrabe, are well known. Since there are hardly any subsidies for the construction of a new fire station, a large part of the costs will be borne by the community. In steinberg, the task is to get the bridges over the kronach on the way. An important issue is the lack of housing in the community. This primarily concerns the supply of rental housing.

In conclusion, wachter announced that fewer posters would be put up during this election campaign, primarily for environmental reasons. He hopes that other parties will follow suit.