May 29, 2023

Municipal election wartmannsroth: roland bronner relies on his experience

municipal election wartmannsroth: roland bronner relies on his experience

The municipality of wartmannsroth is facing a change of generations: in addition to mayor jurgen karle, twelve of the 14 municipal councilors are no longer running for office. Only gabriel vogt from G dittlofsroda and roland bronner from G schwarzelbach want to continue, the latter preferably as mayor: "i'm involved in a lot of issues", the 52-year-old puts his experience to the test. In 2014, the neuwirtshauser was elected as the only official deputy to mayor jurgen karle. "We have no 3. Mayor, i actually take over all the vacation deputies", bronner reports. If the two mayors are really prevented from working at the same time, one of the municipal councils has to step in.

About a year ago, when mayor karle announced his retirement, he decided to run for office, bronner reports, and: "in 2014, i wasn't ready yet." First the many insights and interesting appointments as 2. Burgermeisters had encouraged him – from meetings in the municipal alliance frankisches saale valley to the community's award as a place of enjoyment in the wurzburg residence. Until recently, the communications electronics technician still worked shifts: "sometimes I was on the road for the community during the day and worked at night."

As a member of the current town council, bronner is committed to continuity: "i see our community on a good path, and i want to maintain and improve that," says the neuwirtshauser, his basic principle is. Almost exactly coinciding with his term as 2. Burgermeister has been running the village renewal project in the municipality for six years, in which all parts of the municipality except heiligkreuz are participating. "A lot of good ideas have been brought together in the working groups.", bronner sums up village renewal. His first project was the community center in waizenbach, but bronner is also interested in the town hall square in wartmannsroth and the village square in volkersleier. In the current discussion about a new building area and the relocation of the playground in wartmannsroth, he also supports the existing resolutions (see interview below).

Bronner also sees the situation as positive as far as cohesion in the community is concerned: "there used to be more rivalry, says the neuwirtshauser. A common identity has grown, he says, and even the parts of the community with different denominations are exchanging ideas and experiences. Bronner also sees this in the good attendance at his election events in all parts of the community. Nevertheless, from bronner's point of view there is also a need for action: he would like to improve the supply of the older generation, the preservation of inns is important to him, and community land should be managed more ecologically.

Three questions for roland bronner

In times of demographic change, urban land use planning is becoming increasingly difficult: what do you think of the planned development area in wartmannsroth, including the relocation of the playground, and in which other parts of the community do you think new building sites are needed??

Roland bronner: i consider the step for the new building area in wartmannsroth to be absolutely necessary, the demand for the building sites is enormous. Certainly, an inner development would be preferable, but this pushes against immission control limits. The relocation of the playground primarily challenges the revitalization of the central and newly designed town hall square, the central notice board of the municipality of wartmannsroth. I see the need for building sites everywhere where people who want to build cannot satisfy their wishes with existing possibilities and internal development is limited as in wartmannsroth.

Flat communities in particular have their problems with infrastructure, from roads to local transport to broadband and mobile communications: where are the problems in wartmannsroth in particular, and what can the community do to improve them??

I think there is a lack of public transport, whereas broadband and mobile communications are already on the right track," said a police spokesman. I would especially like to improve and expand the bus connections. The possibilities include rufbus, burgerbus and private initiatives that bring together the needs of non-mobile people with the supply trips of mobile people. I would like to demand and support these initiatives.

What would you do first if you were elected mayor??

It is necessary to continue the village renewal, we are already in the sixth year and still have many projects to accomplish in the trial period. I would also like to increase the ecological areas in our community, be it with the free municipal areas, but also with the unused areas of private households and farmers. I would like to convert these into ecologically valuable areas and network them – keyword grungitter.



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