May 29, 2023

Little boy starved and died of thirst in berlin

Little boy starved and died of thirst in berlin

They came into custody for investigation. According to the prosecutor, they did not admit the charges.

The prosecution accuses the couple of manslaughter by omission. But possible homicidal features were also examined, steltner said. The child was born alive. According to the spokesman, the man is not the father of the child.

A dog owner discovered the dead infant, just a few days old, in a plastic bag in a pit on the edge of a housing development in berlin-hellersdorf. The little corpse wore a blue cap with the inscription "mommy’s favorite". The suspects are said to live very close by.

Investigators reported that the mother had lived in difficult social circumstances up to that point. The 20-year-old is said to already have several children who did not live with her. She is also said to be unemployed.

In the second case, the investigation continues at full speed. On 5. April already a dead girl had been discovered in an old clothes container in neukolln. The body of this infant was already badly decomposed. The mother has not yet been found, according to the public prosecutor’s office.


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