May 29, 2023

Joyson safety systems: things are looking up since the crisis

Joyson safety systems: things are looking up since the crisis

Even though the signs have been up for some time: the name "joyson" tells hardly anyone anything. The automotive supplier’s plant in albertshausen is one of the largest industrial sites in the district: "joyson safety systems" has 380 employees there. Trend upward for years – and despite the crisis.

The former "takata-petri"-the plant has made headlines time and again: in 2000, the japanese takata group bought petri; in 2009, 86 jobs were cut in albertshausen during the first automotive crisis; in recent years, shortages of airbags drove takata into insolvency. "We don’t have any parts here that were affected by the recall", however, managing director timo albert clarifies, and: "we are one of the few sites in which investments were made even during the crisis."

Small parts for trucks and cars

That’s why the workforce has grown steadily over the past ten years from around 280 to 380, currently including twelve apprentices. Plastic parts such as steering wheel covers and front panels for all makes of cars and trucks are injection molded and painted at the plant from around 8,000 tons of plastic granulate per year.

Petri took over and expanded the former tabbert caravan plant in 1985. Many employees have been with the company since the early years: managing director timo albert himself initially started an apprenticeship as a tool mechanic in albertshausen 29 years ago. He later earned his master’s degree and technical business administration, and finally studied production management for plastics technology.

"All our plants are characterized by a strong connection with the region", says company spokesman andreas bartelt. That’s why the fluctuation among the workforce is extremely low. The example of the schaupp family from aura shows this: father siegmund schaupp started at petri in 1989. "For the first year and a half, I still commuted to aschaffenburg, remembers the 59-year-old. At the parent plant, employees were trained for the plastics injection molding shop, which was relocated to albertshausen.

Siegmund schaupp has now been working shifts in the painting department for twelve years. Seven years ago, his son thorsten (38) also came to the plant by chance, initially as a temporary worker, and now both work the same shift. "And my son sven is also here at the plant", reports the proud father.

According to their own words, the schaupps felt well informed about recall actions and sales. "We simply did our job here", siegmund schaupp sums up the attitude of the workforce at the albertshausen site. "It went relatively smoothly for us", managing director timo albert also comments on the change to joyson. There is a new employer on the pay slip, and gradually there will be new work clothing or minor changes in production, but overall the takeover is a stroke of luck for the plant: "the restructuring in albertshausen means that we will get some additional parts here", announces albert.

All about "joyson safety systems

Purchase of a consortium under the leadership of "joyson electronics acquired the japanese automotive supplier takata corporation in april 2018 for around 1.59 billion u.S. Dollars acquired.

Joyson safety systems" company has 94 sites in 24 countries worldwide and employs more than 50,000 people, of which around 3,600 are in germany. Annual sales in 2018 amounted to around 6.4 billion US dollars. The european headquarters are located in aschaffenburg, where the company has so far maintained two plants: however, the plant in the nilkheim district is to be closed, and 15 million euros will be invested in schweinheim instead.


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