May 29, 2023

Iss to host more space tourists

Iss to host more space tourists

The U.S. Space agency nasa wants to accommodate tourists in rough style and at high prices on the ISS space station starting in 2020.

"Nasa is opening up the international space station for commercial opportunities and marketing it like we’ve never done before," finance chief jeff dewit said in new york on friday. Missions of up to 30 days per group are possible. However, such a trip to the ISS is not cheap: the costs are around 35 billion euros.000 dollars (just under 31.000 euro) – per day and without arrival and departure. Dewit estimates price of transport at about 50 million dollars.

Exact costs will be determined by the private space companies with which nasa plans to partner. Spacex and boeing are to take the private crews to the ISS some 400 kilometers above the earth and fly them home again. They are also responsible for ensuring that the crews meet the medical requirements and training standards for a stay on the ISS. Nasa plans to host up to two private missions a year on the space station.

The space agency’s new target group is not just the super-rich, but also the private sector. The ISS laboratories could be opened to commercial interests and commercials could be filmed in space, he said. In addition, nasa announced that the possibility would be created to dock a commercial module to the station.

The U.S. Space agency’s stated goal is to increase the budget for its planned 2024 lunar mission, which will be the first time a woman will land on the earth’s moon. The move marks a fundamental shift in nasa’s economic strategy and, according to dewit, will reduce the burden on u.S. Taxpayers.

The USA bears the major part of the costs for the ISS of far more than three billion euros per year. According to estimates, the total costs for construction and operation already amount to well over 100 billion euros.

The future guests at the ISS will not be the first private visitors. The first of seven space tourists there so far was american multimillionaire dennis tito in 2001.


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