May 29, 2023

Investigations at memmingen school continue

Investigations at memmingen school continue

Three months after the amok alarm at a memmingen school, the investigation continues. According to the public prosecutor's office in memmingen, the psychiatric examinations of the schoolboy, who is now 15 years old, have been completed. However, it will take several more weeks before the expert opinion on the mental level and culpability of the juvenile is available, said senior public prosecutor renate thanner. A decision will then be made as to whether charges will be brought.

On 22. May, a then 14-year-old had triggered an amok alarm at his school. The 280 or so schoolchildren immediately fled with the teachers to the classrooms and barricaded themselves in them. The schoolboy had fired several shots, first in the entrance area of the refectory and later on a sports field, but had not injured anyone in the process. Only after several hours of negotiations were police officers able to persuade the teenager to surrender and arrest him.

The suspect is reportedly still in a psychiatric hospital, where he is receiving medical care. He has not yet spoken to the investigating authorities about the crime or his motive, said thanner. The psychiatric expert is to assess after the talks with the schoolboy, whether he can be held criminally responsible from his mental development. "If he concludes that the boy does not have the mental level of a 14-year-old, he will be treated like a delinquent child." In addition, the expert opinion would also have to determine whether the schoolboy was impaired in his culpability at the time of the crime.

Attempted manslaughter in several cases

According to investigators, more than 70 cartridge cases were seized at the sports field where the schoolboy had barricaded himself in a wooden hat and fired several times in the direction of the police officers. Three police cars were hit by bullets. The schoolboy is therefore being investigated for, among other things, attempted manslaughter in several cases. A ballistics report is to clarify how purposefully he shot at the police officers. The results of this expert opinion are also not yet available, according to thanner.

The investigation against the father of the teenager was also ongoing. The sports marksman is being investigated for offenses under the weapons and explosives laws. One week after the amok alarm, police had seized 37 weapons in the family's home. They were stored in a separate room secured by a steel door with a safety lock. However, experts found that the steel tower does not have sufficient protection class for the large number of weapons stored in it. The key to this door was kept in a safe with an electronic combination lock. The investigators assume that the youth manipulated the combination lock in such a way that he was able to access the key to the weapons room.


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