May 29, 2023

In the service of the seriously ill

In the service of the seriously ill

Gisela ott from mainbernheim represents the kitzingen regional group in the wurzburg hospice association. According to a press release, she was also elected to the board as a representative of the other regional groups at the association’s general meeting.

At the meeting, wolfgang engert was unanimously elected as the new chairman in place of reinhild rath, who did not stand for re-election. Peter collier was confirmed in office as deputy chairman, reinhard lode as treasurer, renate nothhof as secretary, and gertrude hobeck and annemarie heib as committee members.

Previously, the previous chairwoman, reinhild rath, had reported on the year 2012. She thanked the many volunteer hospice companions for their efforts. Without them, the hospice association could not offer its services to the seriously ill and dying and their families, as well as to mourners, she said. A total of 10,670 hours of voluntary work were performed. Reinhild rath emphasized the rough readiness for further education. This ensures that the hospice association can provide its services in a high-quality and competent manner.


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