May 29, 2023

In kulmbach, patients are immediately mobile again after joint replacement

In kulmbach, patients are immediately mobile again after joint replacement

Around 370000 people received a new hoof or knee joint in germany in 2014. According to surveys, the majority is satisfied with the results of the intervention. But the demands on artificial joint replacement will also increase as a result of demographic changes.

A surgical method called "fast track helps patients to become mobile again much more quickly immediately after the insertion of an artificial knee or hoof joint.The term comes from the field of road transport, where it is used for a "fast lane" stands. Now this method is also used at the endoprosthetics center at the kulmbach clinical center. Head physician gerhard finkenzeller is impressed by the results.

Relief instead of strain

Who after the "fast track"-the method of obtaining an artificial joint undergoes a treatment procedure that is different from the traditional one. This already starts with the explanation. Patients are invited to an information meeting where all procedures are explained and the surgical team is introduced. According to finkenzeller, this has a very positive effect on the patient’s psyche.

Practical things are also taught in advance, for example how to use walking aids. Who had already "intus" this before the operation the patient does not have to wait until a stress situation arises before he or she can adjust to it. All this together has a positive effect.

Eating before surgery is no problem

The first of these "prehospital training courses" took place on thursday of this week took place at the endoprosthetics center in kulmbach. Another factor that should certainly not be underestimated is the fact that patients who are operated on using this method no longer have to spend many hours in bed.

"Rapid recovery, fast recovery, is the motto. That is why drainage tubes are not used in joint replacement operations. This saves the patient further trauma when pulling the patch. The operations are "bloodless carried out. Also the usual bandaging technique is omitted.

Instead, the wound is closed with a transparent plaster, which is usually not changed until the suture is removed. The patch is breathable and waterproof. The patient can shower again immediately.

The first light exercises are carried out with the patient as early as in the recovery room. "After the anesthesia wears off, the patients can already get up again," reports the head physician, reports the head physician. He tells the story of an 83-year-old patient who was already walking again on her own the day after the operation following the insertion of an artificial hoof joint.

Pain-free for the first 48 hours

"She was so enthusiastic and relieved. This contributes massively to a further good course of events. In the past, this was unthinkable, explains the head of the certified endoprosthetics center in kulmbach, where around 600 knee and hip joints are implanted every year. A sophisticated pain therapy helps people to get back on their feet very quickly, literally.

Immediately after the operation, the patient is injected with a painkiller into the wound area before the wound is closed. 48 hours keeps the patient pain-free. This is also an essential part of getting people back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Post-discharge care is also provided during the patient’s stay in the hospital: close cooperation with discharge management and a subsequent rehabilitation concept are indispensable.

"Method will become established

A multiprofessional team is needed to apply the new method, explains finkenzeller. They had to adapt to the new technology. All those involved – doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and social services – had to reorient themselves. Patients are also more involved in the treatment than they used to be. But it was all worth it: general complications after surgery were reduced, and patients were back in balance with their physiological body functions much more quickly. The healing is progressing faster, the patients are more quickly independent again. "This method will prevail. It’s only a matter of time before she comes flat-decked", finkenzeller is convinced.


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