May 29, 2023

In addition to the unsafe condition of the vehicle, there is also forgery of the documents

On sunday, a car meeting took place in the ebern suburb of eyrichshof. This was advertised in advance on the internet.

Speed checks

According to a report from the ebern police department, all the vehicles in question were from the tuning scene. The "watchful eye" was of course also present at this event the police are not lacking. Since a supra-regional catchment area was to be assumed on the basis of the participant and visitor reports, speed controls were already carried out in the further vicinity of the events.


Due to the location of ebern, which borders the government district of upper franconia, these checks were organized on a cross-departmental basis. Not only the traffic police from werneck were involved, but also the upper franconian officers from bamberg and coburg checked in the neighboring service areas.

In the immediate vicinity of the event location, vehicles were stopped at checkpoints and checked in particular for their technical condition. The officers from ebern received support from colleagues from schweinfurt and habfurt.

For technical support, an expert from a police organization was on site, who contributed to increasing the quality of the inspection with his specialist knowledge. Police motorcycles were also used. The result was 14 reports and eight warnings according to the road traffic licensing regulations, as well as a lot of notifications about minor vehicle defects, the police writes further.

Two cars had been altered in such an unacceptable way that it had to be assumed that they were not roadworthy. These vehicles were impounded and will subsequently be examined by an expert in the workshop. If the unsafe condition is confirmed, the vehicle owners must expect that, after consultation with the relevant registration office, the registration stamps will be scratched off and the car will be compulsorily immobilized. In the case of one of the vehicles, it is to be expected that the driver will also be reported to the public prosecutor’s office for forgery of documents, as he had modified the installed parts himself and provided them with a different registration mark in order to create the impression of a registered part.

Without operating license

Almost all of the vehicles found to be defective were found to have changes that could lead to the expiration of the vehicle’s operating license. This is not the end of the matter with the police, but the vehicle owners must subsequently obtain a new operating license from the registration office.

As a rule, according to the police report, the registration office will demand an expert opinion from an officially recognized expert as proof of the proper condition of the vehicle. Until this happens, the vehicle may only be used for journeys to regain its operating license. In the specific case, these were changes that alter the exhaust and noise behavior, such as the unprofessional installation or the manipulation of a "flap exhaust system" or the removal or "clearing out a sound steamer. A booth noise measurement with a calibrated sound meter quickly provided clarity about the noise emissions that had been exceeded.

The second most frequent point of complaint was improper modifications to the chassis. Police officers also detected corresponding offenses in the coburg area.

Since residents of the event complained about vehicles with squealing tires and also noted license plates, vehicle users will receive corresponding mail from the police, together with a demand for payment. In one case, it is a vehicle user, which only shortly before the control was objected to.

Dangerous manover

Another user of the vehicle attracted the attention of a civilian traffic police camera vehicle in a very negative way. On the way back from the mission, he drove at an extremely high speed on the state road 2278 in the direction of habfurt. The officers activated their camera recording and drove off after him. Speeds of up to 190 km/h were driven on the main road.

After at the police vehicle the blue light and stop instruction were activated, the driver wanted to look obviously his salvation in the escape. In breakneck driving with extreme curves at the limit of the driving physics he tried to escape. In the area of altershausen he finally gave up and stopped.

Since such fahrmanover are pursued in the meantime no longer only as bubgeldanzeige, but as criminal offence, the man is announced now with the public prosecutor’s office. After consultation with the public prosecutor on duty, the police confiscated the driver’s license on the spot. The public prosecutor’s office will decide on further penalties after the detailed police report is available.

All in all, the number of visitors was significantly lower than the number of interested people reported on the internet, which may have been due to the changeable weather