May 29, 2023

Huawei limits approval for 5g network expansion in germany

Huawei limits approval for 5g network expansion in germany

Chinese telecom giant huawei has its back to the wall in the trade war between the u.S. And china. US president doland trump’s administration is systematically trying to keep huawei out of western 5G networks.

The signal from germany not to do the same as the u.S. Is all the more important for the company. So it surprised no one that company representatives buried the new german security rules for the rollout of the fast 5G mobile network.

The catalog of security criteria creates a level playing field for all vendors, a spokesman told the german press agency in beijing on wednesday. He reacted to the draft, which does not put any stones in the way of the leading network outfitter from china. "This approach, based on facts and standards, has exemplary significance in addressing global cybersecurity challenges," said huawei spokesman.

Huawei blacklisted in the u.S. Over security concerns. However, representatives of the united states have not yet been able to present any tangible evidence of a backstabbing in the hardware from china.

The huawei spokesman stressed that "politicizing cybersecurity" would only hinder technological development and social progress without answering countries’ security questions.

The chinese network provider has always denied accusations of espionage and emphasized that it complies with applicable laws. With the new security catalog, it is clear that germany does not generally want to put a stop to huawei’s participation in 5G expansion. "It’s good that the door remains open," a senior huawei official expressed relief. In addition to the USA, however, the EU commission recently warned against allowing companies like huawei to participate in the mobile communications infrastructure.

Under new german rules, suppliers must submit a declaration of trustworthiness and pledge not to pass on confidential information abroad. The german federal office for information security (BSI) plays a central role, checking the components used. The rules, which are also controversial in germany, are to be adopted at the end of the year.

Although huawei has come under massive global pressure, its business continues to do well. In the three quarters of this year so far, sales have risen by 24.4 percent to 610.8 billion yuan (today the equivalent of 77 billion euros), as announced by the company. The development of 5G mobile networks worldwide has accelerated. Huawei has signed more than 60 agreements with operators worldwide to upgrade mobile networks to the fast 5G standard.

The cloud business with data storage via the internet has also accelerated, he said. In addition, 26 percent more smartphones were shipped in the three quarters than in the same period of the previous year. The company did not provide figures for the third quarter alone.

The trade war between the united states and china not only affects the 5G infrastructure business, but also hinders the smartphone business. In recent years, huawei had worked its way up to second place in the smartphone market behind samsung, also overtaking iphone manufacturer apple.

According to the US government, new models such as the mate 30 pro are no longer allowed to be shipped with the services of the internet giant google, which are virtually indispensable, at least for many users in western countries. Here, huawei’s top management hopes for a comprehensive agreement between the u.S. And the people’s republic, which also covers huawei’s smartphone production. The last reached partial agreement dear this point of contention open.


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