May 29, 2023

Hauptendorfer prepare village square for easter

On the question, when the candles on the wreath come and are rounded, answered gertraud trade completely entrustet: "that see me nevertheless, that that is a osterkranz’ and no advent wreath."

Gertraud handel takes care of the village square in the herzogenaurach district with eight other women and two men. The "village women from hauptendorf" not only did they decorate the village square with easter decorations, they even had a little party afterwards. "Maybe it will be a little warmer in the afternoon and the barbecue will be started", said rosi winkelmann, as she attached the rough easter eggs to the wreath. The weather and the feeling of winter on saturday morning did not exactly inspire easter or spring feelings.

After the square was not only sparkling clean and decorated, there was heiben coffee, homemade cake and grilled food. The village women sold easter decorations, beautiful self-painted eggs and egg liqueur. "There’s no one as good as this egg liqueur far and wide", said gertraud handel as she jerked the bottles into the foreground.

So that the children also had fun, there were various games and the already partly forgotten sack race. The people of hauptendorfer love it in the afternoon to admire the decorated village square and to come by for a cozy chat.


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