May 29, 2023

Hammelburg coup: lorenz karlitzek is back

Two players had already left the club, but the hammelburg team had been silent about new signings so far. Now the second-division club can announce its first transfer, which can certainly be called a coup: not only does lorenz karlitzek, a seasoned first-division player, strengthen the volleys, but "lotze" is also a new player a home-grown business that is going back to its roots.

"We are incredibly proud that the volleyball department has succeeded in bringing our lorenz back to his hometown. Despite various offers from the 1. Lorenz has decided to start an apprenticeship in the bundesliga and to join his home club as a regular starter when the season hopefully starts on the 12th. September begins as planned", head of department matthias benner is delighted.

The 21-year-old played for two years with the first division team united volleys in frankfurt before joining the TV rotenburg team, where he became a top performer. But his former club had declared its withdrawal from the elite league for financial reasons in the course of the corona crisis in order to make a new start in the third league. A drastic step, after which many players suddenly no longer had a club, especially since unterhaching and eltmann also said goodbye to the volleyball top flight for financial reasons.

"I had offers from the first league, but the uncertainty due to the corona crisis is just too rough, so that I now want to worry mainly about my professional foothold", says karlitzek, who will begin training as a physiotherapist in the fall. "This was made possible by the great support of our long-time and loyal main sponsor, the bavaria klinik bad kissingen and its managing director mr. Presl", benner is grateful. Karlitzek adds: "my special thanks go to frank jansen, who arranged this training for me in record time."

From a purely sporting point of view, the volleys have cleared up two "problem areas" with this appointment. The penetrating power in the attack will be significantly increased and the assumption stabilized. One player in particular is keen to get back on the ball with his childhood friend: oscar benner. The captain of the volleys has many championships in common with lorenz, but not least the first two seasons of the hammelburg team in the 2nd division. Bundesliga, in which the "kuken" at that time standing together in the field. "It’s just a great feeling when I think about playing together with lotze again. When i was standing on the same side of the field with him during beach training, it was a real flashback for me." Moritz karlitzek, who will continue to play in italy, is also happy for his younger brother: "hammelburg has made a lot possible for lotze and i am happy that he has found a club where he is in such good hands."

The hammelburg officials were confirmed in their philosophy: "the club’s goal was and remains to integrate more hammelburg players into the bundesliga squad. For our spectators, sponsors, but also for many young people of our club, lorenz is a figure of identification", says head of department matthias benner.