May 29, 2023

Government supporters in brazil call for military intervention

government supporters in brazil call for military intervention

In the conflict over the proper handling of the coronavirus, numerous government supporters in brazil have gone on the rampage, demanding intervention by the forces of contention.

The protests on sunday in the capital brasilia were directed against the exit restrictions and store closures imposed by several provincial governors to contain the pandemic. "Everyone in brazil must understand that they must submit to the will of the brazilian people," right-wing populist president jair bolsonaro shouted to his supporters from the back of an airline truck.

The demonstrators waved brazilian national flags in front of the headquarters of the armed forces, and a transparent one read: "military intervention with bolsonaro in power". They chanted: "protect the congress" and "protect the supreme court" and demanded the reactivation of the decree AI-5, which was used during the military dictatorship (1964-1985) to repress opponents of the regime and opposition deputies.

"I am here because I believe in you," bolsonaro shouted to his supporters. "You are here because you believe in brazil."He assured the demonstrators that he would do everything possible to defend democracy and freedom. The ex-military man has repeatedly referred to the coronavirus as a "mild flu" and has spoken out against the restriction of public life. Bolsonaro fears above all that the lockdown could harm the brazilian economy.

However, the protests and the appearance of the head of government also drew criticism. "The president has crossed the rubicon. The fate of brazilian democracy is at stake. It is time for democrats to unite and overcome their differences in the name of freedom," wrote the president of the bar association, felipe santa cruz on twitter.

Supreme court justice luis roberto barroso wrote: "it is frightening to see demonstrations for the return of the military regime after 30 years of democracy. The swearing in of the democracy and the institutions is part of my task and my duty."

Amnesty international also warned of a lurch toward a military regime. The period between 1964 and 1985 was marked by serious human rights violations, said jurema werneck, director of amnesty international in brazil. "At a time of global crisis, when all brazilians need a government that will confront the covid 19 crisis and guarantee access to health care for all without leaving even one citizen behind, praising the military regime and calling for its return is a jolt," werneck said.

Bolsonaro recently dismissed his health minister over differences of opinion about the right way to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. He also clashed with the governors of the important states of rio de janeiro and sao paulo, as well as with parliamentary president rodrigo maia. Even among the many militaries represented in the cabinet, such as vice president general hamilton mourao, bolsonaro’s lax approach has caused consternation.

In latin america’s largest country, 37,437 people have so far been confirmed to be infected with sars-cov-2, and 2388 patients have died in connection with the lung disease covid-19. In the metropolitan areas, hospitals are increasingly reaching their capacity limits.


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