May 29, 2023

Funf-seidla-steig wins “golden beer idea 2018”

Every year, the bavarian brewers’ association and the bavarian hotel and restaurant association award a prize for the best beer
host association the "golden beer idea to particularly committed representatives of brewing culture in the free state of germany. As has now been announced in a press release, in the category "tourism& gastronomy" the award this year to the french switzerland, more precisely to grafenberg and weibenohe: to the funf-seidla trail.

Appropriate to the jubilee

The award is like a drumbeat – it comes aptly on the occasion of the 10-year existence of the funf-seidla-steig and the expansion by means of new offers for visitors and interested parties.
The price was fixed on 3. May be handed over to the funf-seidla-steig breweries at the crowning gala of the bavarian beer queen in the old congress hall in munich. The continuous development of the brewery hiking trail, with which the breweries are meeting the growing challenges posed by a broad public, was particularly emphasized in the laudatory speech.
With the unique mediation of the brewing craft and everyday life on the beery experience trail along the route, the participating breweries offer their guests a quasi "tangible beer culture", it continues in the press release.
Since this year, a separate homepage has been providing information about offers from guest guides for the brewery hike. With additional focuses such as herb or health hikes along the funf-seidla trail, groups are also addressed who are looking for something special for one or more days in the region. The merger of the participating breweries into a gbr, the registration of the trademarks "funf-seidla-steig were further steps on the now ten-year-long common path.