May 29, 2023

Franz hadek celebrated 98. Birthday

Franz hadek celebrated 98. Birthday

Willanzheim’s oldest resident, franz hadek senior celebrated 98 on wednesday. Birthday, where also mayor ingrid reifenscheid-eckert congratulated. Hadek posted on 23. January 1921 sees the light of day in zuckerhandl in sudmahr. After elementary school and burgerschule, he learned the trade of a locksmith and was called up for the reichsarbeitsdienst in northern france in 1940 and then had to go to finland with a mountain division. "I have not returned from captivity to my homeland", senior says of his family’s expulsion from mahrian homeland. Fate took him to frankenland and in willanzheim he met and fell in love with his wife monika kappner, with whom he walked down the aisle in 1946. They had two children, who went to the 98th birthday party on wednesday with their families and one grandchild and one great-grandchild. Congratulations to the centenary.

Franz hadek first worked for farmers and construction companies in germany before moving to the knauf company in 1956, where he worked until he retired. Franz hadek has been a member of the sports club for 71 years, and until 2015 he volunteered 18 years of service to the community at the container site. His great passion was music, for decades he played the clarinet enthusiastically in the music club willanzheim, the miners’ band knauf and in the music platoon of the fire department iphofen. As an instructor, he formed many young musicians on the clarinet. Franz hadek has been a widower since 1992 and was self-sufficient in his household until ten years ago.

Looked after by his son franz hadek junior and his wife gaby hadek, the birthday boy is still in relatively good health, even if hearing and walking are no longer possible without restrictions. The congratulations from the catholic parish were offered by the retired parish priest august popp.


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