May 29, 2023

Frankenwald clinic: health department declares admission freeze

Frankenwald clinic: health department declares admission freeze

Helios-frankenwaldklinik in kronach is shut down to minimal operations. This was the surprising decision of the health department on tuesday, thus drawing further consequences from the explosive corona situation in the district of kronach.

On wednesday the district office has now given reasons for the admission freeze, in which until 7. December only emergency cases, covid-infected persons and deliveries will be newly admitted. After the results of the series test in the clinic were available and further employees tested positive, almost the entire staff is considered a contact person of the first degree, the press department announced: "in order to maintain the clinic operation, they were allowed to work with an exemption, but must go outside of their professional activities in domestic quarantine. The aim is to reduce the risk of triggering new chains of infection, especially in the private sphere."

During this time, the hospital is relying more and more on tests of the staff and the patients, explains the district administration in the press release. "Since the infection situation in the district continues to be rather diffuse, selective measures, such as those that have already been successfully carried out in various series of tests of school classes or in care facilities, appear to be the right approach."

For security reasons, consequences are now being drawn to contain further diffuse spread of the virus. In addition, the authorities announced that further steps are planned due to the high incidence rate (247.22; as of wednesday).

The team of the health department, which until now has consisted of 30 people, is to be strengthened by staff from other state institutions. Deputy district administrator gerhard wunder (CSU) does not rule out the use of soldiers to assist in contact tracing.

"Already on wednesday, four forces have started their work. You will be an important help in our fight against the corona pandemic in our county. If we determine that further staffing is needed, we will consider further steps. The request for federal forces could also play a role", explains gerhard wunder.


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