May 29, 2023

Forderkreis herzogenaurach received the german cajamarca groups

Forderkreis herzogenaurach received the german cajamarca groups

The german cajamarca groups gathered in herzogenaurach for their national meeting. The host was the forderkreis cajamarca.

The people from herzogenaurach showed the guests a film about the reforestation project in bambamarca, which is financed by the forderkreis. Furthermore, mainly health topics were discussed, so there were reports about the health center in bambamarca and about the medical background of anamia, which is an important problem.

The "dry-separate-toilet" project was introduced, to be introduced in schools and families. In the facilities the excreta are collected separately for solid and liquid. The urine can be used directly as a dunger, as recorded in the minutes of the herzogenaurach meeting. The solid manure is collected and can be converted by microorganisms into valuable soil, which is also used as dunger. Separation of solid and liquid results in little odor, explained kajo aicher from tettnang..

In conclusion, the peru group in ulm agreed to host the 2020 cajamarca meeting in ulm. The date chosen is the weekend of 9. Until 11. October set. The topic chosen was the problem of water and sewage, possibly supplemented by the topic of waste disposal, as stated in the minutes. The meeting in herzogenaurach paid 36 participants, including 17 from the local forderkreis


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