May 29, 2023

First step to the museum

At the beginning of the year, the board of directors of the association "1000 years of kronach" moved to the museum a successful balance sheet for the past year. Outstanding were z.B. The lecture events with the cranach expert prof. Tacke and the local archaeologist gregor fortsch.

With the publication of the horback to the "kronacher G'schichten fur kinder" (cronach stories for children) new ground was broken. The schoolchildren involved did an excellent job of reading aloud during the recordings, so that we now have a really interesting CD for children.

In september, a new chapter in the club's history was opened with the move to the amtsgerichtsstrasse. For the first time now "1000 years kronach" is grouted on the possibilities of designing exhibitions. Until it however with the "cranachwelten" the work will take some time before it can really get going.

Under the motto "museum in the shop window", however but in october, a start was made on exhibiting selected lucas cranach works in order to provide an insight into the "cranach worlds" to give. The latest edition of cranach's early work from 1504, "the rest on the flight to agyptus in the rough shop window explained and with further collecting objects to the picture contents made descriptive. The original is a special treasure of the gemaldegalerie der staatlichen museen zu berlin.

A second volume of the "kronacher G'schichten fur kinder" (stories for children from kronach) is in work. The book should be ready by autumn. The publication of a volume on the history of crafts and trades in the city and district of kronach is underway, with 48 chapters penned by district historian i.R. Roland graf origin. Completion and publication are planned for the summer of 2020.

A special concern of the board is the preparation of the cranach commemorative year 2022. There will be 550. The association will be celebrating the 500th birthday of lucas cranach, and in this context, the association is addressing all those who want to celebrate the cranach jubilee year 1972 (500. Birthday) in kronach have witnessed.

In the current cranach-welten-schaufenster in amtsgerichtsstrabe 7/9, slide show cases are on display that were used for the cranach celebration in the summer of 1972. The association asks all those who witnessed the exhibitions and celebrations at that time to describe their impressions of the festivities or perhaps even to send photos of the event (address: KC amtsgerichtsstr. 7/9).

Join in the fun

The main focus of the association's work is the preparation and design of the "cranachwelten" who in the jubilee year 2022 became the great son of the city of kronach. Active volunteers are needed for the project. For the autumn trip the destination is regensburg with the bavarian history museum.