May 29, 2023

Farmer is looking for woman: jurgen in kasendorf

"We always watched the show", tamara pares (30) said, and her mother added: "jurgen is so likeable. Even grandma was thrilled." But tamara pares is already under the hood.
And even though grandma sieglinde, who is 71, is not exactly farmer jurgen's target group, the likeable television star doesn't let herself be asked twice and writes her own autograph card for the senior citizen.

"But come, anstoben we must already also once again", the "farmer is looking for a wife-star finishes another round of his homemade egg liqueur. The chicken farmer, who is actually a metrologist and runs the farm as a second mainstay, is also asked about the different types of egg liqueur.

Over 1000 chickens in the yard
"I have over 1000 chickens on my farm", the tv star explains to all who want to know and is happy to answer questions. Even after his private life.

Meanwhile, his saleswoman tanja rob (31) continues the business, cashing in and packing eierlikor in bags. Since august she has been working at the huhnerwirt and is surprised about the hype. "I have known him for a long time. But he is now well received by the madels. He can pick out which ones he wants", betray them.

There is also quittenlikor. "Mmm, it tastes good. This is something different", blacken the people. No one looking for advent decorations in the gartnerei zoike can get past the huhnerwirt stand.
About the reactions to his television appearance, he says: "they were always positive. There really hasn't been a single negative word", he is still buzzing about his television appearance and has decided to appear on "bauer sucht frau to participate, not yet regretted a second.

The farmer wants to take it slow
With his first partner anja, however, it didn't work out so well. It was little things like an eggshell breaking that led to the end of love. "It just didn't fit. We didn't get along so great", says jurgen, but he doesn't sound too sad. Because then he met the dental assistant jessica. The is 27 years old, totally nice and straw blond. "We're taking it slowly now and scoring regularly", betrayal farmer jurgen beil and has real hopes.

In the meantime the huhnerwirt is already signing autographs again and laughs into the round. "It's a pity that he already has one now", some ladies sigh, even if they could actually be jurgen's mother, and congratulate angelika zoike on enriching this year's advent exhibition.

"We only cooked that up on monday, that was very short notice", tells angelika zoike and reveals that she is friends with the huhnerwirt's sister. "I've seen the broadcast on tv and thought, I know him", angelika zoike still remembers very clearly. And so they inquired whether huhnerwirt jurgen wanted to sell his eierlikor at er advent exhibition. He did not ask twice and made a bombshell.


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