May 29, 2023

“Everybody should decide for himself”

A vaccine to eliminate the corona problem. There is encouraging news from vaccine manufacturers, and preparations for vaccination are underway across the country. The district of habberge is also planning to set up a vaccination center. For this purpose, a working group has been set up to deal with the question of location, personnel and the development of logistics. "We want to be able to vaccinate as soon as the vaccine is available", explained district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU). And will the burgers also be vaccinated against the virus?? Our newspaper has been around. Hannah baunacher (20, from wonfurt, germany, doing her voluntary service) emphasizes: "I am in favor of a vaccine and think it is good that so much research is being done in this area and that so much money is being made available. However, I don’t think I will be vaccinated right away if a vaccine is approved for the general public. I, as a young person, do not belong to the risk group and I have a healthy immune system, so I give way to those who need the vaccine more urgently." Theresa greb (27 years old, from breitbach, schweinfurt district, teacher) says: "we have been waiting eagerly for the vaccine. Thanks to a lot of research in this area, things have now moved faster than we thought in the meantime. But one simply still knows too little about the whole thing. How is the vaccine distributed? Do you have to get vaccinated every year? Should everyone get vaccinated, or is it only necessary for the risk groups to get vaccinated for the time being?? I think that is why I will not get vaccinated for the time being." Matthias weidmann (49, habfurt, administrative assistant): "i am getting vaccinated against corona because i hope that the serum will be effective and that a normal life will soon be possible again. In my opinion, the risk groups should be vaccinated first, of course, as well as the people from the medical sector. I would also like to say that I am against compulsory vaccination and that everyone should be free to decide which vaccinations they would like to receive." Thorsten kalb (35 years, habfurt, dentist): "i get vaccinated because the vaccination protection of a population only works through the participation of every single person. The sooner we achieve immunity to sars-cov2, the sooner normality can return, for young and old alike. It is time that we can live our social customs and values finally again in the cordial contact with our fellow men." Stefan luther (34, habfurt, factory worker): "i won’t get vaccinated because i don’t know exactly what side effects and late effects it can have. I have never been vaccinated against influenza and I believe in my own immune system. Of course, the situation is different for older and pre-diseased people. Every person should decide for himself whether he wants to be vaccinated or not."


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