May 29, 2023

Dobrindt: less hartz iv for rejected asylum seekers

Dobrindt: less Hartz iv for rejected asylum seekers

The head of the CSU’s parliamentary group in the bundestag, alexander dobrindt, demands that benefits for rejected asylum seekers be restricted.

"In the case of rejected asylum seekers, we should switch more strongly to benefits in kind," he told the "welt am sonntag" newspaper. "We need to change the asylum seekers’ benefits law and make a clear distinction between those who are entitled to protection in germany and those who do not have the right to stay or even prevent their departure themselves."

The coalition agreement between the CDU/CSU and the SPD provides for restrictions only for those who try to prevent their departure – and explicitly not for those who do not leave through no fault of their own.

Dobrindt received support from the ranks of the CDU. Their domestic politician stephan harbarth told the "welt" (monday): "through a consistent changeover to benefits in kind, the incentives to apply for a residence permit in germany have been significantly reduced."In addition, "we should also significantly extend the period of 15 months up to which asylum seekers and rejected asylum seekers receive reduced benefits under the asylum seeker benefits act.". However, a corresponding proposal has so far failed due to resistance from the SPD and was therefore not enforceable in the coalition negotiations.

FDP leader christian lindner called the proposal "completely unbelievable" because "dobrindt and (bavarian minister president markus) soder wanted to go to jamaica with the greens at any cost". "Federal minister of the interior (horst) seehofer should take care that rejected asylum seekers can be deported. The liberal refugee minister in north rhine-westphalia has a much better record on this than the hardliners of the CSU," he told the "welt" newspaper.

In the "welt am sonntag" interview, dobrindt also spoke out against coalition plans not to count the current amount of owner-occupied housing toward the assets of people receiving hartz IV benefits. "There is no justification for using taxpayers’ money in the social welfare sector as long as those who need support have even greater assets," he said. "A full cascade mentality is not the basis of our community."

The coalition agreement, on the other hand, states that owner-occupied housing should not have to be given up. Therefore, the regulations in "the basic security for job-seekers will be revised, adjusted and changed in such a way that recipients of social state benefits will be able to remain in their own homes."Grundsicherung fur arbeitsuchende" is the official term for hartz IV.

Dobrindt also questioned the sense of the previous programs for the long-term unemployed: "the success of these programs is, however, incalculable."The money should rather be used to create additional jobs, the CSU politician said. For this he wants to make a pact with the economy. "The willingness of industry to give low-skilled workers a chance must be significantly increased."


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