May 29, 2023

District assembly of the geflugelzuchter elects uwe wenzel as its new chairman

district assembly of the geflugelzuchter elects uwe wenzel as its new chairman

The coburg district association of poultry breeders, which has 30 clubs with 1093 members, has a new chairman: uwe wenzel from untersiemau. The previous chairman andre karl, who held this office for nine years and has been on the board for 15 years, did not stand for re-election for personal reasons. But he still acts as 2. Treasurer on the board with. There was also a change in the board of directors for some other important positions (see box), as the previous functionaries did not stand for election any more.

The past breeding and club year was also influenced by the covid 19 virus and its consequences, karl noted in his last chairman’s report. All announced exhibitions could take place however. He has worked out a concept that is feasible for any club and has already been approved by the district administration office. However, there will not be any official openings. According to karl, the highlight of the breeding season was the county airshow, which was held together with the county youth show at the sports center in gestungshausen. The manner of implementation was very positive, he said. Karl looked into the future. Individual clubs are too small and the age structure is not right, in order to lift alone a rough show. In the future we will have to go new ways and look at the big picture across the associations. He finally announced that the district association had lost four member clubs.

Youth director mathias faber said he was very proud of his 145 young people who were active in 23 youth groups. Mayor bastian buttner praised the work of the small animal breeders in his greeting. They made an important contribution to the preservation of rare breeds.

Karl said goodbye to the longtime treasurer gunter resch and the breeding keeper for poultry bernd wacker as well as the assessor gerhard dehler. He thanked for the very good cooperation. Second chairman norbert wittmann thanked karl for his tireless work for the district association. Karl presented the jubilee medal to the small animal breeding club grobheirath, which has existed for 50 years. Together with the breeders the best clubs of the district show were awarded with certificates.

The new chairman uwe wenzel, who has held various positions in the district association since 1983, said he wanted to inspire new members, especially young people, to get involved in small animal husbandry. "Many people keep chickens to get fresh eggs," she says, wenzel noted. He also wanted to win them for the clubs and thus make poultry farming more attractive. In his closing speech he also acknowledged the merits of his predecessor andre karl. Mst


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