May 29, 2023

Deceptive cold, dark ice

deceptive cold, dark ice

it is supposed to be cold. Bavaria is facing the coldest days of this winter so far. It could even become the most severe cold snap in more than three decades, weather experts predict. Permafrost with double-digit temperatures at night will end february and, if metrologists are to be believed, last into march.

Take no risks

One man's sorrow is another man's joy. Many of the ponds in and around herzogenaurach are already frozen over. "But so far still with a too dark ice layer", warns christian nitsche. "Six centimeters are it with most weihern up to now!" The chairman of the DLRG of the dechsendorf local association is concerned about the operations in the city of erlangen and the district in these frosty times. "The load-bearing capacity of the ice is underestimated", he warns. As a general rule, you should stay off the ice until it is 15 centimeters thick.
It is important that one should never enter the ice alone. At least one other companion should be present to provide assistance and get help if necessary. Therefore, you should avoid the small ponds and go to the ponds that are well visited.
On the herzogenaurach homepage you can find exactly these flats again. The gilgenweiher, end of the usage road, the wiwaweiher, beginning of the usage road, the pond at the weihersbach in the ansbacher strabe (near the parking lot at the dohnwald) and the pond in hauptendorf, erlenstrabe are offered there. Of course there is more. Coming from beutelsdorf, the pond at the entrance to untermembach is like this. And certainly also who liked to draw rough lanes: the dechsendorfer pond.
The DLRG is concerned about safety: "in standing water, the ice should be at least 15 centimeters thick as a guideline, and in flowing water, such as streams and rivers, even 20 centimeters. Do not enter the ice on the first frosty days", stresses DLRG chairman christian nitsche. And you have to remember: "even if the ice is thick enough in one place, it can be very different in another place"."

Inform rescuers

With the ponds one should pay attention whether there is a small brook inflow. The ice flat is immediately abandoned as soon as it cracks. And what to do when the ice does break up?? Nitsche explains: "distribute the weight! Lay flat on the ice and move carefully toward the shore."
If the skater has slipped into the water, it is important not to panic for the time being. During the rescue, rescuers should keep a safe distance from the collapse site and secure each other lying on their stomachs using a rescue chain. "With aids such as a scarf, belt or aste, the distance can be shortened to help the person who has collapsed", says nitsche.
But it is also very important to alert the rescue service in good time. 112 is the right number to call." Whether the DLRG, fire department or other rescue organizations come is of secondary importance for the time being, according to the DLRG chief. "It is about the health of the individual."
But if you want to be on the safe side, you can choose a completely different option. The city sports department in erlangen is preparing the ice rinks in sieglitzhof at the lange zeile and at theodor-heuss-anlage in erlangen south for ice skating starting friday night. "If the weather forecasts come true, we can open the skating rinks on monday, with a little luck maybe already on sunday", says head of the sports department ulrich klement.
Unlike the ponds, there is no danger of collapse, as the ice layer is only dark and is applied to a prepared shallow area.
"The ice is produced by bubbling up water in several layers", explains johannes ehrengut from the city's own waste management and street cleaning company. For the procedure to work, the temperature must be minus five degrees celsius or colder. The city asks the skaters to follow the signs and not to enter the flats before the release. "If the flats are entered too early, all the work is ruined", says ehrengut.


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