May 29, 2023

Dancing at the highest level

Dancing at the highest level

"Welcome to bad kissingen mayor peter deeg (CSU) buried the guests of the gala ball and thanked the tanzsporttrainer-vereinigung (TSTV) for the decades-long connection to the spa town. "Dancing combines high athletic performance with inimitable elegance", according to his evaluation.

After that the "firebirds" took over the musical direction and played for the first of several rounds of audience the 600 guests, 200 of them on the gallery, were accepted with enthusiasm.
At the beginning of the official part, rudolf meindl, president of the LTVB and expert moderator, was in the spotlight. With a short presentation to the viennese waltz, each couple introduced themselves to the audience and received a funeral gift from the rose queen of bad kissingen. Already the preliminary round – to the music "from the conserve, as it is usual in such tournaments – confirmed the promise of meindl "that dance at the highest level" was offered. The guests rewarded the performances of the 24 thoroughly styled bodies with enthusiastic applause.

Perfectly styled
The ladies as a special eye-catcher: perfectly made up and with a radiant smile, artfully coiffed and in the men were dressed in imaginative ball gowns – a colorful contrast to the men, for whom the tailcoat was the traditional "working dress" is.

In the preliminary round, the couples presented the five standard dances in three groups of four couples each – which was trained to the small dance floor in the coarse hall, said meindl. The guests were happy, because they had enough opportunity to enjoy what was presented.

A clever system ensured that the couples in each of the five rounds were on the dance floor with other couples. All of them impressed with charisma and almost artistic body control, with creativity and rhythm, with dance precision and musical sensitivity. Eye contact to the audience, relaxed casualness in spite of high concentration showed professionalism and level of the german elite. Scene applause for successful formations were the gratitude.

With discipline and routine
The transitions between the rounds were disciplined and routine. The couples had 90 to 120 seconds per dance to prove their skills. The task of the judges was not easy, but in the end they decided on seven couples that they wanted to see again in the finals.

Performances not only to repeat but to set further high points was the challenge for the final round. There was no sign of nervousness, rather all couples maintained a friendly and relaxed tone.

From the moment they entered the dance floor, there was a high level of concentration and an aura that was carried from the smile on their faces to the muscle tension in their calves.

In the final round, four or three pairs competed against each other in the same musical order. Then the judges awarded the open ranking, which was entered into a scoring table by the jury. Annette sudol and simone segatori from the TSC astoria stuttgart quickly emerged as the favorites and audience favorites.

Judges on the "school bench
The "TSTV-trophy is not only a traditional tournament, which introduces the seminar week of the dance sport trainers association. It also serves to train adjudicators according to the guidelines of the german dance sport association (DTV). 150 adjudicators from all over germany receive further training. For this purpose, they competed with eleven top couples from the "main group S-standard" opportunity. According to the DTV criteria, the "main group" is the age assignment of the starters (at least one partner must be over 18 years old). "S" is the starting class of top couples.

Grades in four areas
The slow waltz, tango, viennese waltz, slowfox and quickstep are judged on the basis of music, balances, movement and characteristics, which the judges, heidi estler, have determined for each dance (baden-wurttemberg), asis khadjeh-nouri (saxony), andreas neuhaus (bremen), holger nitsche (baden-wurttemberg) and marcus weib (lower saxony) have to take into account. The scores are awarded according to places (one to seven).

Since 2007, rudolf meindl has been presenting the "top couples of the german dance sport scene" as president of the bavarian state sports association. This year the tournament was brought forward by three weeks. For the "german open championships find of the 10. Until 12. August will take place in stuttgart. Then there were no top pairs. In addition, the invitational tournament is a welcome change in the training schedule and a good preparation for the tournament.


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