May 29, 2023

Core zones again a topic in wildflecken

The market had again pointed out the situation in wild spots in a statement last year. The community had fundamentally rejected the concept.

The government pointed out that around the community rough areas have already been taken out of the originally planned nature reserve. For the campground in oberwildflecken and the rhonklub-hutte oberbach, for example, had been found loose. The government does not want to approach the community any further. "Nothing new, but at least they have taken note of our point of view", said mayor alfred schrenk (SPD) in the municipal council. He made it clear to the saale newspaper: "i have to accept this decision".

Illek criticizes ilek
Furthermore, schrenk informed the committee about the integrated rural development concept from the bad bruckenau rhonallianz (ilek). The market town of wildflecken has proposed the renovation of the "haus des gastes" in oberbach included in the forward-looking concept. Further project proposals concern the redesign of the parking lot at the "house of the black mountains" and the organization of a community festival around the theme elvis presley.

Wolfgang illek (CSU), however, missed a detailed project description in the concept on the subject of the cycle path along the orphaned railroad line. "I had wished for a clear statement", he continued. "This could have been used to show that the communities concerned are pulling in the same direction. This would have been a real chance." It has not yet been decided whether the rhonian alliance will be formed into a separate association. "The difficulty will probably be to get all the communities to act together", said schrenk. There will certainly be differences in one or the other place.


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