May 29, 2023

Construction of the weismain bypass will start in spring

Construction of the weismain bypass will start in spring

Construction work on the weismain bypass begins next year. Mayor udo dauer informed in the youngest city council meeting that besides the construction of the two bridges also the construction of a traffic circle will be started.
"The southern traffic circle at the lindenkeller will be brought forward. It serves as a connection to the road to kaspauer, to the city center and to kleinziegenfelder valley", the mayor was visibly pleased to announce.

Inspection of the route planned

In march or april, according to him, the construction work should begin. As soon as the weather permits, the route for the bypass will be marked out. "For the public and the city council, there will then be an inspection of the route together with an expert from the state building authority", announced the mayor.
Good news: the city of weismain, whose budgetary situation is still extremely tight, will once again receive stabilization aid from the state of bavaria. Dauer put the figure at 1.5 million euros. At the same time, he pointed out that more and more municipalities in bavaria are receiving such stabilization aid: "we are one of the 148 towns and municipalities that are currently benefiting from it."
He appealed to the city councils to continue the consolidation course, which is a prerequisite for receiving state aid.
In frankenberg, schoolchildren have to wait for the school bus at an open stop. Third mayor michael dreiseitel (SPD) suggested to at least cover it with a tarpaulin, so that the children are better protected from wind, cold and rain. "We will check it", promised duration.
Dreiseitel also addressed the frisor store in seubersdorf, which is located in an unlit side street. He spoke out in favor of putting up a streetlamp there. Dauer asked his deputy to raise the issue at the budget meeting.
Gabriele huber wishes for safety reasons that the courtyard in weismain is illuminated throughout the night. Upon request, dauer informed us that the construction administration is already in contact with bayernwerk.
Frank hubner wants to build a house on the western edge of grobziegenfeld. The plot of land is currently located in the eaves area of the village. In order to make his project a reality, the committee decided to draft an inclusion statute for the "grobziegenfeld-west" area to be enacted. An urban development contract will be concluded with the applicant. The costs incurred in this regard will be borne by the citizen.
The jurabote, the official journal of the city of weismain, will get a "new, smart face" in the coming year, as the mayor literally put it. The magazine will no longer be printed in bayreuth, but at the frankischer tag in bamberg.


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